MMD Mumbai
Date: 26/07/2023
Int: Sudhir
Ext: Ajay Gupta

MMD Mumbai
Date: 26/07/2023
Int: Sudhir
Ext: Ajay Gupta
Fun 4b


14 – July-2023

External : Anil Deswal
Internal : Arbind Kumar choudhary

Bilge p/p no taking suction, reasons ?
How will you pressure test bunker valve
Welding defects
What is Inclusion?
FWG efficiency drops, give reasons

Internal- Shirish Kumar
External – Nijhawan & Kapale.

JCW WATER pressure fluctuating.!! What can be the reasons.?
Chemicals added in JW & why ? with exact limits?
Sea water p/p pressure not stable in sea? Reasons & How to calculate efficiency while running.
Plate type heat exchanger, routine, maintenance & overhauling.
*VIT & SUPER VIT, explain & diff between both.
How will u guide & help in fabricating pipe with give dimensions along with fitter.

Int Kiran sir
Ext sanjib sir

Function 4

  1. Construction of boiler safety valve
  2. Name of components of purifier from bottom to top
  3. Hot corrosion and cold corrosion
  4. Types of chokes used onboard
  5. (Foundation chokes)
  6. Where stuffing box fitted

Function 6

  1. What are onboard lube oil test procedures
  2. How to collect boiler water sample? Wanted to know water not coming.
  3. Taking round. Noticed high temp of no 3 air starting valve.
  4. Main engine low lube oil pressure alarm. What to do?
  5. Freshwater generator no vacuum. What to do?

Vishwnathan Iyer sir

  1. Tool name of viscosity test kit
  2. banjo bolt hexagon part break
  3. I in PID
  4. Difference in c/c oil of 4s and 2s
  5. Moment compensator in chain drive
  6. n reefer what components between reciever and TEV
  7. .2 hr notice from bridge what will you do to ER overhead crane
  8. SW pump working fine or not how will you know
  9. Bilge pump and cross questions
  10. How many seals in IGS system

int Vikrant rai
Ext SS gadkar

  1. why Critical speed in main engine?
  2. Why not in auxiliary engine?
  3. Cylinder head overhauling
  4. How to remove exh valve, seat and guide from cylinder head
  5. Types of injection systems in engine
  6. Vit explains
  7. Why vit was introduced?
  8. Boiler pilot burner maintenance
  9. SDNR valve overhaul

Nanda sir

  1. main bearing location
  2. bed plate
  3. T/G & use
  4. scavanging start position
  5. trammel gauge, rudder drop
  6. compressor intercooler not workin properly
  7. oil on water side of purifier? cross ques- if temp low of hfo
  8. motor single phasing
  9. which v/v you use for cntrol flow in pipe line
  10. options 1. globe 2. Gate
  11. crosshead he gave me option
    1. low power at low speed
    1. high power at low speed
    1. very low power at low speed

Int – praveen nair

Ext-vishawanathan Iyer sir

  1. 1-Types of engines
  2. 2-Fuel pump diff in 4s and 2s
  3. And delivery valve difff
  4. 3-centrifugal pump total delivery head? .
  5. 4- reciprocating pump defect faults
  6. 5-what is top bracing detail
  7. 6-vit super vit
  8. 7-dyring deballasting pressure fluctuation and noise in pump. Reason
  9. 8- expansion valve in detail. And all. Connection in it
  10. 9- degree of superheat
  11. 10-centrifugal pump not taking suction – (wear ring)

Nair and Deswal

  1. Dye penetrant test
  2. Fuel pump overhaul
  3. Tests for fuel injector
  4. Cast iron welding problems
  5. Difference flash back arrestor and flame arrestor

Ext SS Gadkar

Int Vikrant Rai

  1. Mac overhaul
  2. Stern tube sealing arrangement
  3. Hunting of steering gear
  4. In ums round how to know about Chain slack and tightening
  5. Type of ship
  6. Punture valve
  7. FIVA valve
  8. Pilot burner overhaul
  9. CF pump overhaul
  10. How to check trueness of shaft ( I mentioned in overhaul procedure)
  11. Top bracing
  12. What is viscotherm

  1. Construction of boiler safety valve
  2. Name of components of purifier from bottom to top
  3. Hot corrosion and cold corrosion
  4. Types of chokes used onboard
  5. (Foundation chokes)
  6. Where stuffing box fitte
  7. What are onboard lube oil test procedures
  8. How to collect boiler water sample? Wanted to know water not coming.
  9. Taking round. Noticed high temp of no 3-air starting valve.
  10. Main engine low lube oil pressure alarm. What to do?
  11. Freshwater generator no vacuum. What to do?

  1. Engine type
  2. Why uniform scavenging
  3. Miller cycle
  4. Valve timing diagram
  5. Early and late injection difference
  6. Boiler accumulation test
  7. Why and when we do blow down and which one in detail batao
  8. Major repair on ship.
  9. FO pp o/h for AE
  10. SFOC value on your ship and unit

  1. Engine & AE nomenclature
  2. A/E pressure decreasing gradually over a period of 4 days
  3. Peak pressure and Pcomp of engine
  4. Items in between TEV and receiver
  5. What is white metal bearing, explain with layers
  6. Main bearing
  7. Cylinder head removal
  8. Main bearing removal
  9. Crankshaft deflection neede why
  10. Lube oil pump type


Int. Kiran cs

Ext. Rk Gupta

  1. Type of ship
  2. SOFC define
  3. Main Air compressor not able to compress. reasons
  4. Main Air compressor running continuously
  5. Reefer compressor LO properties
  6. Your main engine is not able to develop power. reasons
  7. Black smoke from AE reasons
  8. LO tests that you do onboard
  9. Oil in cascade tank why? How to identify from where it is leaking.
  10. Purifier manual start
  11. Refrigerant charging

Ext. Rk gupta

  1. Type of engine
  2. Tbn diff in m.e and a.e
  3. Safeties in air comp
  4. All units high temp a.e reason
  5. I had me-c engine so asked more about that

Ext. Rk Gupta

  1. Type of vessel
  2. Define your engine
  3. Explain 2 stroke
  4. Explain lube oil temp of ae is getting high reasons
  5. Boiler water test detail. Which company manufacturer?
  6. oil in cascade tank reasons how will u confirm its coming from there
  7. How will u clean exhaust side of boiler
  8. How soot blowing is done
  9. Then lube oil tests (in detail) (all wanted to hear something specific i guess)
  10. Ur refrigeration lube oil low level how u will refill.

Ext. Rk gupta

  1. what’s mlc convention 2006.
  2. What’s ism code and it’s function
  3. What’s sms and what all you get from it?
  4. Emcy generator regulations
  5. Fixed firefighting system in ER
  6. Non conformity
  7. Tpc
  8. Co2 system safety
  9. Firefighting appliances in ER Regulation of portable fire extinguisher
  10. Types of expansion foam

Praveen Nair

Vk Chandrashekhar

  1. Difference between ME and GE
  2. Lubrication system in AE explain
  3. Use of engine driven luboil p/p in AE

Int- Praveen Nair


  1. ME and AE constructional difference.
  2. CQ-Relative speed b/w crankshaft and camshaft.
  3. Why in AE cam speed 1/2:1 relative with crankshaft.
  4. Many other related to every point .
  5. -Reduction speed of 2stork engine and  firing order related and Air related.
  6. -Tapped clearance and Cross question.
  7. -Air compressor Safety
  8. -Differ b/w trip and Interlock and type of interlock and Control air interlock why important.
  9. -Gear and chain diff.
  10. Question by Nair sir(int)
  11. -IG system description
  12. -Why IG take boiler gases and AE and ME.?
  13. -IG pressure for tank?
  14. -tell me about unit mmGw.
  15. -1000mm how many bar
  16. -Hg/mm related unit.

Ext Mohan Singh Pal

  1. Piston ring groove taper reason
  2. Turbocharger exhaust pressure high reason
  3. Liner calibration
  4. Effects of liner ovality
  5. Boiler water leak reasons
  6. Purifier not desludging reason

23 – June – 2023

Internal: Shrish kumar
External: Unknown

Motor function 4b

(He Asked both mep n motor)

Type of ship and main engine nomenclature

Exapin Bumping clearence and how to take it

Explain Heat treatment

Explain positive displacement pump

What checks you do in purifier overhaul

What is vapor compression cycle


How Fuel system works

Explain major breakdown
(We have story telling session)

How exhaust value system works

He is intrested in electronic engine


1.ME & MC Engine Difference
2.Why super long?
3.ME engine not starting reason? In Detail.
4.Air cooler efficiency getting low. What can be the reason? Cross questions
5.rotocap in full details ?


ME Nomenclature
SFOC & it’s unit and measure of your ship
Turbocharger efficiency
Me reversing not possible during maneuvering. Reason?

Bottom Bearing Clearance.

What is K in 8K90MC-C. ?
If pilot is on bridge and Reversing is not taking place what as a duty engineer what actions will u take..
How to take bottom end clearance in generator
Types of card .
Have u seen draw card?
What information u get from it?


Main Engine name
Stroke length
Firing order
Types of turbocharger
Advantages disadvantages
Surging reasons
Construction difference
Rotocap why
Me exh vv rotation how

Type of Engine
Which is more efficient

Internal: Arbind kumar chaudary
External: Anill Bhat

Ur ship Sfoc…how to reduce sfoc…why given on nameplate.
Vit svit
Svit full explain


air cooler efficiency
indicator cock leaking what to do
tappet full procedure
rotocap working
lo tests
me fails to start on air
oil in cascade tk how to remove oil and check where its coming from
leak test in shell nd tube
k,l,s,g in me name
me interlocks

Int Arbind Kumar
Ext Rajeev Wad

Swash Plate pump working
Crosshead bearing lubrication working
Boiler pressure jet burner working
Sleeve bearing
Rampson in Steering Gear


Int Kiran CS sir
Ext Singh Hd sir

Type of ship
Maintenance have you done
Have you seen any major maintenance
Have you ever seen decarb…why we are carrying decarb
What to check in piston..
When we replace piston ring
What are there clearance and how to measure the clearance.were exactly you measure clearance in liner(for new rings)
What all check after fitting new ring
How much should piston rings should travel inside outside

Types of cards and explain all
Pilot onboard main engine not starting on air kick
Tappet clearance
AE sump oil level decreasing

Type of engine
What is MCC
What is compact
Mean piston speed
How to calculate piston speed
Axial vibration and torsional vibration
And how to prevent it
Type of reversing – working

How ME engine reversing is done
How me get overloaded
Explain Fiva

Int Praveen nair
Extr bansal sir

At what position you will take bottom end bearing clearance in generator?
Me not starting on air
Hydraulic jack working

Me specs
Types of indicator diag and cross questions
Main engine not starting on air
Fuel pump

Types of bearings in me
How does camshaft work

Cyl lub oil property
Crank pin ovality

Exhaust valve


Type of vessel
Main engine spec
Aux engine spec
What is the speed of rotation of aux engine cam shaft. ? Why ?
What type of Turbocharging was used on A.E ? Why ?
Purpose of thrust block in M.E
Purpose of thrust bearing in A.E.


Anil Bhatt.
Reversing of main engine (in detail)
Scavenge fire ( whole )
Me vs mc
Caustic brillemmnet
Type of corrosion (all)
Hot corrosion
Cold corrosion

Anil Bhatt
Main engine type and nomenclature
Tie rod and material and function. Why not present in 4s
How reversing is carried out
How is the timing changed in reversing of the exhaust valve and fuel pump?
Bed plate function and material
Alpha lubricator difference
Types of crankshaft and Material
K,L,M clearance in turbocharger
Material of turbocharger blades
How starting air interlocks work?
Vit and super Vit


Indicator cards
How will you take power card and draw card.
Compression card and light spring card how u take.
How do u identify screw down non return valve and screw down valve.
Function of auto clean filter and centrifuge filter.


Ext- RK Gupta
Int- Praveen Nair

-Engine Specs
-Indicated power how to calculate
-Black smoke in AE
-Air compressor not building pressure
-Bumping clearance
-Meat room temperature not going down… Cross questions x100
-Sensing bulb purpose
-Safeties in ME

Ext : Upendra kumar
Int : kamath sir

Type of ship machinery specification : M/E , A/E , boiler and compressor
Different types of interlock
Running direction interlock explanation
Fuel injector

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